My Copyright

I hate it when I hear of companies and individuals not being able to use their photographs due to copyright or having to pay a yearly royalty for using them. This is why I have created my copyright that applies to everyone, no matter the size of company or purpose of the private shoot. The copyright applies once full payment is received.

  • You are able to distribute the photographs both online and offline.
  • You are able to reproduce/print the image as many times as you wish with no written permission from myself.
  • You are not allowed to sell the image of claim the image is yours/someone elses.
  • You are allowed to edit the photographs unless they come with a credit attached (for example if supplied free of charge).
  • There are no yearly royalty charges.
  • I remain full copyright owner and I am able to use the images myself to further promote my business. With some images however, this maybe discussed if you prefer them not to be.

My copyright is simple. I believe that once you pay me for my time, you should have what you paid for. I believe that this is fair.